Hard Reset and Factory Reset Nokia Lumia 700

Before you try the factory reset or hard reset on your device, make sure that you have backup your important files. Restoring the default settings or factory reset your device will delete all your existing files and will go back to its initial state.

Factory Reset:

>>> Open Windows Phone Settings

>>> Tap "about"

>>> Tap "reset your phone"

Hard Reset:

>>> Turn off your phone

>>> Then press the Power-Button once

>>> Press and Hold the Volume-Down-Button until you see the exclamation point "!" on your screen

>>> You can now release all buttons

>>> Press the following buttons below once in exact order:

   - Volume-Up-Button
   - Volume-Down-Button
   - Power-Button
   - Volume-Down-Button

Your phone will start the Hard Reset shortly.

Reminder: Your map will be erased if you restore your phone's factory settings. To download it again, go to Settings > Applications > Maps > Download maps.

In some of the phone models where the map data is stored on the memory card, the map data will be preserved if you choose not to erase the SD card when resetting the phone.


The instruction provided is the general steps on how to Hard Reset and Factory Reset. Some instruction may not work on your device. If you have the right steps on how to Hard Reset or Factory Reset on this device, please make a comment and we will immediately correct it. Thanks.
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