Top 3 TV Lifts Reviews

Looking for some TV lifts reviews? Wonder which automated TV lift is the best? You can get your answers just like that. In this article we will review the feedback concerning one of the best TV lift manufacturers Wood Technology. Now you can get more info about a motorized TV lift cabinet, especially, if you visit the website So here are the top 3 review about a Whisper-Ride 700 TV lift by Wood Technology:

1. “The lift was delivered on time within few days. However, we had to pay for expedited shipping, but it did not cost too much. We ordered a custom cabinet that was designed to hold a 42-inch flat screen by Panasonic. The lift is possible to be raised one of two ways... with the on/off button and with the remote (that both came with the lift). All works smoothly if the TV is lowering or raising. We enjoy it. Making a little research, I found that there is no thing like that on the market with such a price. There is only negative thing about a TV lift: the ports are partially covered with the metal support which the TV was mounted to. So we just cut away the little portion of the support, which did not affect stability at all, and the issue was solved.” -Indiana Girl

2. “ After the installation a TV lift worked great with one not big problem. It was quiet and nice when it went up, however, had a growling bounce when it was going down. I called the customer support representative to clarify if this was normal. He asked what type of TV I had on it. Then it was discovered that I ordered a bigger TV lift then was needed, so I added a chunk of steel to its base and the bounce and noise went away. The only improvement that should be done about the lift is to install stops to shorten the movement down and up and eliminate about 7 or 8 inches of the unnecessary movement. Thanks you very much for comfort at kitchen”. -Steve

3. “Once I purchased this lift, I found out that its power supply was dead. I called Wood Technology and immediately was shipped a new one. You can quickly install it by attaching it to the back of your cabinet (but not the bottom). The unit is rather tall. I had to drill the new mounting holes in order to get the lift to work, but that was not a big deal. The universal mounting arms require two people in order to mount your TV to the lift. I suggest to get the Cheetah mount because it has the hook-type latching system. The TV unit works properly. I would suggest it to anyone.” -John H. Smith

All in all, we recommend you be careful when installing the TV lift. Everything is to be done according to the instructions. If anything goes wrong, you can call the support by Wood Technology and get the further information and pieces of advice. This manufacturer is rather reliable and the price for the product is very affordable. In comparison with other competitors, it stands out in a crowd of other brands.

Hope that you have found the data you needed to know. Enjoy comfortable moments with your new TV lift! Have a great day!
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